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1400 to 1800 power - Between 1991 and 1996, one of Caterham's most popular engine installations was the 1400 Rover K-series, in both "standard" and "Supersport" form. In fact in 1994, more 1400 K-Series engines were fitted to factory built cars than any other configuration.

Although a comparatively powerful engine for it's capacity and undoubtedly a very sweet performer in the Caterham, the chassis is capable of running with much more power and particularly an increase in torque over that offered by the 1400. Time therefore to swap to 1800 power ......                                               


Dry Sump drain plate - this part is a "special" non-Caterham part, originally commissioned by Hellier Motorsport. The plate replaces the standard "blue plate" fitted to the bottom of the Caterham belltank and incorporates a drain hole and magnetic plug. The usual method of draining the oil from the tank is to remove the blue plate - messy and requiring re-sealing afterwards. This plate enables oil to be drained in the same manner as would be used with a normal sump - remove the magnetic plug and refit afterwards. Much tidier.


Exhaust wrap - available from various sources such as Demon Tweeks, and is used to reduce under-bonnet temperatures.

The heat emitted by the exhaust in the small engine bay of the Caterham can cause damage to components within the engine bay - the starter motor being just one. The integral solenoid of the starter is often located above the starter motor, resulting in only a few millimeters clearance to the exhaust primaries. Around 60 feet of 1" wrapping tape is needed to wrap the primaries. This is Cool Tec tape which has proven to be very durable over a number of years of use. The tape is applied wet with the primaries removed and dries to a tight fit.



LED gauge bulbs - post '96 Caterham branded gauges are very badly illuminated. Using LED bulbs from the brightness is improved to an acceptable level. The image shows a standard bulb on the left (tachometer), and an LED on the right (speedometer). © 2009     contact: