Chassis refurbishment....


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Chassis Refurbishment.....

Winter 2006 and time for a further strip down of Superlight R No.77. 12 months before the exterior was treated to a new paint job, but the bare aluminium interior panels were still in a tired state. A plan was made to remove as many of the panels as possible to be powder coated satin black, offering better protection against corrosion and the effects of salty winter roads. Where necessary panels would be renewed and also powder coated.



The existence of potentially corrosive dirt behind the side panels was severe, but fortunately the damage to the outer skins is minimal. This area is commonly known as the "grot trap"  - don't believe this chassis is unusual with this amount of collected muck!

After careful cleaning of any corroded areas, all the panels will be treated to a coating of cavity wax.



Whilst the chassis is stripped out, there's an opportunity to improve aspects badly executed in the past. The cable and pipe for the plumbed-in extinguisher passed over the rear tunnel tubing resulting in the necessity to have a 40mm square hole in the cover plate - routing under the chassis tubing and back up through the boot floor is not only tidier but will enable a new cover plate to be made, not compromising the effectiveness of the rear bulkhead as a firewall.



Removed panels are assembled to be checked, cleaned, repaired or replaced. The vinyl-covered and honeycomb panels cannot be powder coated due to the level of heat involved, therefore these will be treated with a coating of cavity wax to improve their life.








Solid aluminium panels are prepared for powder coating using a medium grade aluminium oxide paper. This creates an extra "key" for the coating process in addition to the acid etching applied prior to coating.

Before sending to be coated, each panel is appraised for it's exact fit in the chassis allowing any small shaping and changes to be made before powder coating, reducing the need to reshape already coated panels, compromising the protection.




Room with a view! The view of the bell-housing and exhaust primaries from the passenger footwell - all interior panels have been removed including the passenger foot-box.

The cling-film wrapped panels are new vinyl covered interior (outer) panels to replace the damaged original items - roll cage holes & dents.






Removal of the scuttle and bulkhead allows much greater access to the under-dash wiring. Some work is needed to bring this closer to "standard" and to ensure total reliability.



Part 2 - preparation & treatment ....

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